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About us

Our Board of Trustees

  • President: Jordi Ferrés Valcarce (lawyer and economist)
  • Secretary: Jordi Julian Ràfols (engineer)
  • Treasurer: Jaume Padrós Tremoleda (Industrial Engineer)
  • Other members of the Board:
    • Albert Calero Larreula (entrepreneur)
    • Gemma Domènech Costafreda (jurist)
    • Josep Guilanyà Casas (researcher and psychoanalyst)
    • Mercè Alegre Roca-Ribas (lawyer)
  • Executive Director: Anand Torrents (philosopher and educational psychologist)

Mission statement

We are here to invite civil society to co-generate a new perspective: we want to live in a more supportive and less polarized way. Civil society must claim the space that corresponds to it. We want the real needs of people to define states, policies, administrations, services and their protocols and not the other way around.

Voting is not equivalent to participating. We want the public to regain voice and leadership. The social body has the right and the duty to represent its own society using the language of peace. Citizens are the diplomatic corps because we are the social body.

We will act to defend and educate in diversity and for diversity, and we will say it wherever oppression is. We will explain how to turn it into collective growth rooted in a dynamic vision of rights. We will do so because there are things that only civil society can do.


Citizen Diplomacy Research GroupCDRG ()

Fundació Democràcia i Ciutadania is a collaborating organization of the CDRG

Due to globalization, the internet, rising education levels, and long-term democratization, citizen diplomacy is likely to grow in the future, becoming a more important part of diplomacy and international affairs. Thus, in 2020, the Public Diplomacy Council (PDC), a US-based NGO devoted to advancing the field of public diplomacy, formed the Citizen Diplomacy Research Group (CDRG) to advance the global research and practice of citizen diplomacy. The CDRG meets every two months online via Zoom for 1.5 hours to share news, research and presentations on citizen diplomacy developments, local to global.

Anyone worldwide – including scholars, students, citizen diplomacy practitioners, current and retired official diplomats, and others interested – can join the CDRG to learn, network, and/or present research. For more information or to join the CDRG email list, contact Paul Lachelier at [email protected] , or Debbie Trent at [email protected] . You can also connect with CDRG members via our Facebook group and Linkedin group, to which you can post citizen diplomacy articles, news, events, etc.